Antiques Linens & Textiles (Pre-1930) Lace, Crochet & Doilies Collars & Cuffs
Edwardian Collar w Bow Embr/ed net lace floral design & voile fabric H made
Decorated Lace Neckline Fabric Polyester Flower Embroidery Collar Applique Trims
Two Beautiful Vintage Handmade Cuffs
Black Venise Collar Lace Trim Applique DIY Sewing Craft Neckline YL642
Antique19c Large Bertha Collar shoulders H made w tiny Valenciennes lace trims
Antique Irish Collar YOUGHAL lace flowers petals design tan Hand made large 19c
Vtg Lace Collar for Dolls ONLY Schiffli bobbin lace neck size 8" white Europe #2
Old Vtg Lace Collar for Dolls ONLY Schiffli bobbin lace neck size 9" Europe #3
rose red Floral Guipure Venice Lace Collar Neckline Applique YL315
10 mm Pom Pom Trim Lace DIY Sewing Accessory on a 10m length
Antique Victorian/Edwardian Lace Collar -32
Vintage Handmade Ecru Cotton Crochet Lace Collar
Antique 1890/1900 French Victorian Irish crochet lace collar / White cotton
Black floral lace collar applique embroidery clothing sewing neckline accessory
Old Antique Collar French Normandy lace combo with embroidery H made large
Lace Neckline Fabric Flower Embroidery Decorated Collar Applique Trims YL526
Lot of 3 Vintage Antique collars
Antique French Lappet Collar net lace 2 row rafles w ladder lace hand done
Vtg Collar novelty emb/ed mesh lace H made embellishment flower France Europe
high quality White Guipure Venice Lace Collar Bodice Applique Patch YL126
Antique Victorian/Edwardian Lace Collar -33
Antique Victorian/Edwardian Lace Collar -23
Pearl Necklace Clothing Accessories Decorative Neckline YL8
Antique Victorian/Edwardian Lace Collar -25
fashion decorate clothing applique embroidery neckline accessory lace YL1010
Old Vtg Dainty Collar Irish H Crochet lace combo w Valenciennes tiny trim lace
Lot Vintage Cotton Collar with Tatted trim and Lace Collar
yellow Sewing Craft Applique Neckline Collar Bridal Dress DIY New YL980
Vtg Collar Needle run mesh lace & silk Chantilly lace bow H made lined Europe
Antique RUFFLS NECK COLLAR H made France Edwardan Chantilly lace fern design
18c Antique Collar white Ayrshire embroidery & needle work H done ENGLANG
hot new rose Flower Guipure Lace Collar - Embroidered Applique Neck Trim YL948
Craft Sewing decorate Clothes Neckline Applique Supplies DIY Crafts YL900
golden Lace Collar embroidery Trim clothing Applique Patch neckline YL202
1 Pc Flower Neckline Lace Collar Charming Sewing Wedding Applique White YL113
Exquisite Embroidery Lace Collar Flower Applique Sewing Beautiful accessory
hot sale 3D Floral Lace Applique Embroidery Patches Trim Collar Wedding YL901
new arrive Embroidered Lace Floral sewing trim clothing applique collar accessor
fashion flower clothing embroidery applique black lace collar accessory YL63
white Crochet Lace Applique Embroidery Collar Neckline Trim YL223
Floral Embroidery Wedding Dress Neckline Lace Applique Sewing Trim YL898
high quality Vintage Lace Collar Clothing Sewing Applique neckline YL181
cartoon cat lace applique clothing accessory embroidery YL1081
Neckline Applique Sewing Crafts red Lotus clothing embroidery accessory YL944
black embroidery applique clothing neckline decorate lace collar YL25
4pcs Set LOT-Vintage Bobbin Lace Collar Cuff French~Needle lace Trim Doll White
Antique Victorian/Edwardian Lace Collar -26
Vintage COLLAR WITH beautiful HANDMADE EMBROIDERY - 37" by 4"
Antique Vintage JABOT with Bow schiffli lace Ladies Collar off white H made
Lace Embroidered Venise Floral Neckline Neck Collar Trim Clothes Sewing Applique
New White Embroidered Lace Collar Venise Trim Neckline Applique Sewing DIY Craft
Fabric Lace Flowers Collar Trim White Polyeste Sewing Applique Craft YL96
Lot of 2 Matching Dress accessories Edwardian Lawn Dress
Lace Embroidery Neck Collar Lace Fabric Applique Patches Motif Venice YL424
Old vtg 19c Collar w bow Idrija or Idria lace handone attractive from Europe
Antique Victorian/Edwardian Lace Collar -15
Antique Victorian/Edwardian Lace Collar -4-
Lace Collar Exquisite applique clothing decorate neckline accessoryYL672
5M* Vintage Style Lace White Pearl Ribbon Trim Wedding Party Decoration
pink applique DIY craft Embellishments Neck Collar sewing dress lace fabric
10" (W) Victorian Dark Purple Venise Cotton Large Net Lace Collar -V0137
clothing Lace Embellishments Applique Trims DIY sewing Collar fabric motif
Antique CROCHET DOILEY rosettes Triangle (Cat #12)
Green Crocheted Hair Bun cover in Geometric Pattern
Lace Red and Pink Floral Collar for neckline accessory YL407
1pc Lace Embroidered Long Neckline Neck Collar Sewing Applique Trim YL90
Antique Victorian/Edwardian Lace Collar -10
1PCS Orange lace collar embroidery clothing applique neckline accessory YL347
Old Antique large Collar SCHIFFLI Lace HM piece beautiful floral design, cotton
Gold Neckline Collar Embroidery Applique Lace Trim Sewing Craft DIY YL189
purple Lace Collar Trim Applique Patch Sewing Trimming Craft YL323
Edwardian French HM Collar combo needle lace & fine sateen biass ribbons. 
Old Vtg Collar typical Irish Deco Rosettes design H Crochet Lace Finely Details
Roses Embroidered Neckline Flower Floral Rose Neck Collar Applique YL718
Vtg Dainty Collar combo Duchesse Princesse applique Honiton tape Laces H made
red embroidery fish Big Flowers Lace Neckline Fabric DIY Collar Sewing Supplies
NEW pink lace applique trim DIY sewing craft dress neckline lace collar
flower yellow lace embroidery clothing neckline fashion accessory applique colla
Vtg Dainty Collar princess embroidered net lace &partial applique combo H made
Ivory Floral Venice Lace Collar Patch Motif Applique by Piece YL124
Beautiful Vintage Handmade Collar
#278 Beautiful Vintage Handmade Filet Collar 11''(27cm)
New White Lace Embroidered Neckline Trim Clothes Sewing Applique Collar YL272
Beautiful DIY Lace Embroidered Neckline Trim Clothes Sewing Wedding YL735
Antique Victorian/Edwardian Lace Collar -12
Antique Victorian/Edwardian Lace Collar -35
Antique Victorian/Edwardian Lace Collar -30
Antique Victorian/Edwardian Lace Collar -31
Antique Victorian/Edwardian Lace Collar -17
Antique Victorian/Edwardian Lace Collar -18
Antique Vtg Collar Dress BEDFORDSHIRE bobbin lace Large size
Lace Scarf Old Flower Applique Ornament Couture Art Deco Collar #16 L9O6
color Set Embroidered Floral Lace Neck Collar Trim Clothes Sewing Patch YL335
Antique Vintage Style Embroidery Rayon Stand Collar-V0026
Red Venice Flower Lace Neckline Embroidered Collar Applique Patch YL282
1PCS Embroidered Lace Neck Collar Trim Clothe Sew Patch Applique YL88
gorgeous Venise Lace Applique Gold Collar Set Dress collar YL212
Two Lovely Vintage Handmade Cuffs
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