Antiques Linens & Textiles (Pre-1930) Fabric Silk
2 Match 1930s Antique Vtg Silk Hankies Floral RETRO Blue Brown Retro Hand Roll
Antique Euro Jacquard Olive green & Rose Jacobean Fabric Tablecloth 59x64
Antique 1890 French Raspberry Floral Lyon Silk Fabric Sample~27"L X 26"W
Antique (1870) French Roses & Ribbons Silk Border Fabric~2yds28"LX5"W
Designers mine film and TV for fashion inspiration
“I think also with the fabrics and the embellishments of that era – which are beading, you have a lot of embroidery – and you ... to a particular era with the 1920s and 1930s and double-breasted suits and linens and not wearing collared shirts ...
The Next Page / Cornelia Brierly: The Pittsburgher in Frank Lloyd Wright's inner circle
By the spring of 1940, the couple was camped out in a tent in West Mifflin to oversee construction of the first Usonian home in Western Pennsylvania ... to escape the upper Midwest's harsh winters. Val Cox, a South Side painter and sculptor who grew ...
Leading Hotels Rolls Out The Red Carpet With Movie Star-Inspired Suites
The expansive bedroom is incredibly well lit thanks to two generous windows that highlight the soft pastel tones of the walls, fabrics and furniture. A large door ... of the German diva taken by Joseph Von Sternberg himself. Decorated in shades of violet ...
Reel to real: Designers and consumers mine film and TV for fashion inspiration
"I think also with the fabrics and the embellishments of that era — which are beading, you have a lot of embroidery — and you ... to a particular era with the 1920s and 1930s and double-breasted suits and linens and not wearing collared shirts and ...
Garage / barn sale
Barn/garage sale-- antiques --many old trunks ... stacks of vintage- LP vinyl and bakelite -1930'-70's. Sewing box with buttons, fabrics, pottery barn couch cover, linens, nice futon, vintage silver electrolux vacuum (works),tools, iron plant stand ...
Antique French 19thC Floral Patterned Lyon Silk Brocade Lampas Fabric c1890
Lovely Antique French c1780 18thC Silk Floral Brocade Fabric~L-19"X W-15"
Gorgeous Antique French Lyon Big Floral Rose Silk Fabric Yardage~L-129"X W-20
Antique Persian 19thC Silk & Silver Metallic Brocade Handloomed Textile Fabric
French 18thC 1700s Floral Silk & Gold Metallic Brocade Fabric~L-18"X W-14"
Antique French 18thC c1760 Floral Silk Brocade Sample Fabric~L-18.5" X W-10.5"
Antique French Elegant 19thC Pink Silk Roses & Ribbons Home Dec Frame Fabric
Antique French 19thC Roses & Leaf Deep Pink Silk Damask Fabric c1870-80
French Antique 19thC Gold Metallic HandEmbroidered On Silk Ecclesiastical Fabric
Stunning Pink French Antique 19thC Original Silk Brocade Sample Fabric~68"LX24"W
Very Beautiful Rare 18th Century Silk Brocade Fabric (2455 )
Antique 1900 French Lyon Silk Sample Fabric~Rose & Bow Frame~L-24" X W-35"
French Antique 19thc Blue Lyon Silk Brocade Fabric c1870~25"X21"
French Antique 18thC (1770) Handmade Gold Metallic Lace & Silk Fabric~13"LX 20"
Antique French 18thC Silk Brocade Home Textile Fabric~12"L X 9"W
French Antique 18thC Silk & Gold Metallic Brocade Fabric~L-19" X W-10"
Antique 19thC French Cream Patterned Silk Fabric~Dolls~33"L X 21 1/2"W
Antique SILK Brocade Runner WITH Metallic Gold TRIM
Antique 18thC French Bizarre Brocaded Silk Home Dec Textile Fabric c1770
Beautiful Late 19th / Early 20th C. French Floral/ Rose Printed Fabric (2450 )
French Antique Never Used Ethnic Printed Dress Silk Fabric Yardage~L-100"X W-34"
Antique French 19thC Home Woven Lyon Silk Frame Fabric Sample~L-37"X W-22"
Antique (1870) French Roses & Ribbons Woven Silk Jacquard Border Fabric~2yds13"L
Antique French 18thC Floral Lyon Silk Brocade Fabric c1760~17"L X 19"W
Rare French/Swiss Hand Embroidered Rose Silk Fabric Yardage~3yds20"X W-23"~Dolls
Antique c1860-1870 French Silk Pink Floral Frame Damask Sample Fabric
Antique French Lyon Silk Brocade Fabric Sample c1890-1900~Climbing Roses*HomeDec
Antique French Silk Rosy Red 19thC Frame Home Fabric Sample c1890~L-22"XW-25"
Exquisite Antique Red 18thC Silk Damask Sample Fabric c1700s~Roses & Urns
French Rose Silk & Gold Metallic Brocade Antique Textile c1840-60- Dolls-HomeDec
French Antique 19thC Pink Rose Patterned Silk Floral Jacquard Fabric~26"LX24"W
Lovely French Antique 18thC Silk Brocaded Textile Fabric~Dolls, Collectors
Antique French Or Italian 18thC Silk Brocade Metallic Textile Fabric~Collectors
French Antique (c1870) Silk Brocade Textile Fabric~Wisteria~Chinoiserie~29"X24"
French Antique Pink Silk Roses & Lace Matelasse Fabric Sample c1870~L-21"X W-25"
Christmas Raspberry Red Antique (1870) Lyon Silk Fabric Sample~L-17"X W-18"
French Antique 19thC Silk Home Dec Brocade Sample Fabric c1860~18thC Style*
Antique French Lyon Silk Brocade Lampas Fabric Sample c1860-1870*~L-23 X W-21"
French Antique Lavender & Turquoise Floral Silk Brocade Fabric Sample~29"LX25"W
Antique 18thC French Silver & Gold Metallic Silk Brocade Floral Fabric~38"LX9"
Antique 19thC French "Hamot" Lyon Silk Brocaded Lampas Sample Fabric c1840-1860
Lovely Antique French Ice Blue Lyon Silk Home Dec Fabric Sample c1870~39"LX21"W
Antique Beautiful Early 18th C. French Silk/Linen Woven Amberline Fabric (8645)
Antique French 19thC Woven Silk Home Dec Frame Textile Fabric~1yd16"LX51"W
French 18thC Lyon Silk, Silver & Gold Metallic Brocaded Fabric~Roses & Wheat
Antique 18thC French Silk Hand Embroidered Valance~Museum Deaccessioned
Antique French Silk Brocade Sample Fabric~Bird & Florals~14"L X 12"W
French Antqiue 18thC 1770 Green & Peach Silk Brocade Fabric~L-38"X W-18
Antique Rose Lyon France Silk Brocatelle Home Dec Fabric Textile c1860
2 Antique 18thC French Floral Brocaded Silk Fabric~Design,Collector~L-19"X W-9"
Antique French Floral Peachy Beige Lyon Silk Sample Fabric c1890~Home Dec,Dolls
Antique French Lyon Silk Home Dec Brocade Lampas Fabric c1860~L-23 X W-21"
French Antique 18thC Home Dec Lyon Silk Brocade Original Sample Fabric~Roses
Antique 18thC French Floral Silver & Gold Metallic Silk Brocade Fabric~37"X10"
Rare French 17th Or 18thC Silk Brocade Fabric Sample~17"L X 8"W
Antique French 18thC Floral & Lace Silk Brocaded Textile Fabric~L-34" X W-8.5"
Antique French 19thC Floral Patterned Blue Silk Brocade Fabric c1890~Dolls
Rich French Antique 19thC Renaissance Style Design Silk Sample Fabric
Antique 19thC French Lyon Pink Roses & Ribbons Silk Fabric c1880~L_40"X W-49"
French 18thC Floral Silk Brocaded Lampas Textile Fabric
French Antique Rose & Ribbons Softly Draping Silk Textile Fabric c1890~28"LX25"W
French Antique Silk & Metallic Brocade Fabric c1860-70~Woven On 18thC Looms
French Antique 18thC Pale Green Silk Brocade Fabric~1yd 20"LX18"W~HomeDec,Dolls
Exquisite French Antique Blue Lyon Silk Damask Textile Fabric c1870~Frame Layout
"Hamot" Antique c1870 French Silk Cut Velvet Home Fabric~Green
Antique French 18thC (1700s) Silk &Chenille Roses&Ribbons Brocaded Fabric Sample
Antique French 18thC (1760-1790) Brocaded Silk Peach Textile Fabric~Collectors
Antique French Lyon Heavy Woven 18thC Ombré Stripe Home Dec Silk Fabric c1770-80
Beautiful 19th Century French Floral Cotton Printed Fabric (2108)
Antique 18thC French Emerald Green Silk Manufacturers Fabric Sample~Frame Design
Antique French Napoleon III Red Silk Ethnic Brocatelle Home Dec Fabric c1850-60
Antique French 19thC (c1830) Silk Woven Jacquard Floral Textile Fabric~11"LX32"W
Antique 1870 French Silk Ethnic Floral Jacobean Home Decorative Textile Fabric
Lovely French 19thC Antique Ice Blue Silk Damask Fabric Home Sample~27"LX25"W
Lovely Roses & Lilac French 19thC Silk Brocade Sample Fabric 16"L X 21"W
Stunning & Rare Antique French 18thC Lyon Silk & Chenille Brocade Sample Fabric
Gorgeous Antique 19thC Floral & Bows Silk Brocade Sample Fabric~38"LX22"W
Antique French silk damask gold fabric - (3) Valances Floral Basket Pattern
French Lyon 18thC Floral Silk Brocade Fabric c1780~Stripe Layout~15"LX9"W~Dolls
Stunning Yellow, Blue & Red French 18thC Striped Home Dec Silk Fabric c1770
Antique c1880 French Silk Rose Ribbon Sample Fabric L 32" x W 7"
Lovely Antique Red Lyon Silk Lampas Border Fabric c1870~Home Dec~L-9"XW-49"
Antique Vintage French c1920 Lyon Printed Moiré Chinoiserie Fabric Textile*
Wonderful French Antique 19thC Old Silk Yardage~1yd6"LX24"W~HomeDec
Rare Never Used 18thC French Silk Frame Textile Fabric Panel~1yd7"LX21"W~Home
Antique 18th Century Beautiful French Silk Floral Brocade (2038)
Antique Early 20thC French Lyon Silk Brocaded Lampas Fabric~Roses & Ribbons
Antique French 19thC Printed Silk Indienne Style Fabric~3yds 24"L X 30"W
Beautiful French Lyon c1860-1880 Floral Patterned Silk Jacquard Antique Textile
Exquisite French Antique 19th Hand Loomed Bird & Tree Gold Metallic Silk Brocade
Black/brown silk damask 29" x 37".(Pieced) 18th C
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Showtime fabric intros
Expanding core furniture business of piece-dyed cotton, linens and blends toward converted ... available for quick-ship cut yardage. Pre-swatched and ready to go — samples available. Damon — slubbed raw silk look utilizing space-dye neutrals in the ...
Shopping Safari
Expect lots of natural cottons and linens from ... 1950s-style dupioni silk halter dresses by Alyssa Weeks, and Soirée’s own exclusive wedding dresses, designed by Alyssa Weeks, which include the best-selling, figure-hugging, 1930s-style, bias-cut ...
Tinto House, Hay-on-Wye
because Karen is an academic but she also sells antique French textiles and bric ... is a new consignment of 1930s hats to try on among the cologne bottles, linens, jewellery and enamelware. Hay is a living testament to the pre-homogenised high street ...
Vintage Clothing & Accessories, Textile, Quilt & Button Auction
Check our website prior to the auction for more info: Pre-Victorian ... Embroidery, etc., Antique Cotton, Velvet Quilt Tops & Blocks and Many Other Quilts Linen & Textiles: Cigar Silk Ribbon Pillow Case & Tobacco Pillow Tops ...
L.A. at Home
Timeless quilts refashioned from vintage textiles are reduced by 50% ... Following the strictest possible definition, this 1930s sterling silver Art Deco tea set by Charles Boynton won't be an antique for two more decades, but it will be one ...
North Shore entertainment calendar
A story about Brodie, a charismatic teacher with blowtorch passion, whose romanticism and pride break the parochialism of a conservative girls school in 1930s Edinburgh ... vintage materials, textiles and found objects. On view through March 9.